ASM Process Support Products

Get the most out of your printing process: With ASM Process Support Products (PSP) you can optimize all process components for maximum efficiency and quality.

Find everything you need conveniently bundled into one volume:

Stencils, PCB support and consumables are essential for highest yields – Use the catalogue to get a complete overview of what is available from ASM.

With their modular design, DEK stencil printers can be adapted to meet your specific requirements, but the basic DEK features will always be there in the form of flexible yet highly efficient printing processes, first-class software, and competent support.

Currently in the spotlight

DEK Multiple Alignment of Singulated Substrates (MASS)

Multiple substrates are optically aligned at the same time – a technological breakthrough for efficient and high-precision printing processes with singulated substrates.


ASM Flex Support Solution

A support solution that quickly pays off. Our modular support solution delivers maximum flexibility and the fastest setup changeovers.


ASM SmartStencil

ASM SmartStencil is our complete solution for managing the service life of stencils. It is smart, RFID-based, and transparent. Never again will the use of outdated stencils hurt the quality and efficiency of your printing processes.


DEK Self Adjusting Paste Deflectors (SAPDs)

SAPDs enable the customer to change the print pressure without needing to adjust he height of the paste deflectors reducing risk of stencil damage and reducing cost through lessening material waste.