DEK Stainless Steel Stencils

Ideal for simple printing requirements

DEK Stainless Steel Stencils impress with their high quality and their low thickness tolerances. They are the ideal solution for simple and normal printing requirements with good transfer efficiency and an area ratio of 0.66 or higher. DEK Stainless Steel Stencils are optionally available with all types of DEK coatings for even more transfer efficiency.

  • The low-cost standard for stencil printing
  • All ASM coatings available
  • Perfect for low-level and medium-level stencil printing requirements
  • DEK Stainless Steel Stencils fit many frame types:
    • DEK VectorGuard™ Classic
    • DEK VectorGuard™ High Tension
    • DEK Framed Stencils

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