DEK Precision screens

Fine lines and complex patterns printed with extreme accuracy

Ensuring the ultimate in consistency and repeatability, DEK Precision screens enable uncompromising printing accuracy for the most challenging dimensions.  Emulsion screens are used for printing materials that are too viscous to be printed through traditional laser-cut stencils or to enable printing of patterns with long lines, intricate shapes and designs with free centers.

Manufactured in cleanroom facilities conforming to FED STD 209E Class 10,000 / M5.5 (BS EN ISO 14644-1 Class 7), ASM’s screen production techniques maintain strict control over temperature and humidity to maintain exceptional dimensional stability and screen tensioning.

  • Capable of printing line widths from 50 µm
  • Manufactured to the most exacting standards in state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities
  • Can accept a wide range of data formats
  • Highest quality and rapid turnaround time

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